Nicaragua Trip

Initiate and organize your own trip to Nicaragua with our guidance and support or join us on upcoming adult trips. How? Contact Pete White.

Build 100 Homes

Give someone a home. Do you know that we can build a house for a Nicaraguan family for just $2200. How? Contact Pete White for details.

Community Garden

Show off your green thumb by joining our community garden efforts in Huntington Station. How? Contact Carol Werblin.


Organize a fundraiser. Get creative. For example, you could run a bake sale, host an art show or coordinate a pub crawl. Have an idea? Share it with Pete White.

Attend Meetings

Attend our next general meeting! How? Join us in Room H-109 in Northport High School, upcoming dates to be announced on this site.

Donate Equipment

Provide baseball equipment and uniforms, or funds, to support our Field of Dreams project. How? Contact Pete White.